Bailonga is all about community members working together to bring tango to more people. If you want to help, there are so many ways that you can get involved in making that vision happen.

Teach Tango at Bailonga

Do you teach tango? Contact us! Bailonga begins with two lessons every week and we have a rotating cast of teachers to cover those lessons. Teachers can dictate their preference in frequency and type of lessons to teach. Our beginner series class includes an assigned list of topics that change each week, and our intermediate class topics are chosen at the instructors’ discretion.

Because Eugene’s community includes a wide range in skill level, both lessons require flexibility on the part of the instructor to adapt to the skill level of whoever shows up each week. Teachers are automatically paid a small amount in acknowledgment of their time. Teachers may also choose to volunteer their time.

Volunteer at Bailonga

Bailonga would not be here if it weren’t for our volunteers. Most importantly, sitting at the desk to receive money for admission for just 30-minutes gets you into the event for free! But even if you don’t need free admission, something as simple as showing up a few minutes early to assist in setting up chairs makes a big difference. If you’re interested in being more regularly involved in the organizing and hosting aspect of Bailonga, please contact us to find out what responsibilities we most need assistance with!

Perform Live Music at Bailonga 

If you are a musician that performs music for tango dancers, we want to hear from you! Because we can’t dance to just any old music, finding musical groups that work for tango dancing is difficult. The more tango groups that contact us, the more often we can host live music for our dancers! Musicians are paid at their preferred rate, although we do ask groups to take into consideration that we are a small community in a small town.

DJ at Bailonga

Bailonga’s music is one of the most unique things about this milonga, and as such, our DJ’s are exceptionally important. Once a month we host a night of all golden age traditional tango, but most weeks, we play alternating tandas of traditional and nuevo/alternative.

If you’re interested in DJing for Bailonga and have experience DJing in 50/50 style, or want to book DJing a traditional night for us, please check out our DJing guidelines to get a feel for what we are looking for. If it sounds like a good fit, then please contact us! DJ’s are paid a small amount in acknowledgment of their time. DJ’s may also choose to donate their time.

Folks interested in learning how to DJ tango music who have a collection of music at the ready and some time on their hands to learn should contact Kella at

Photo Credits: Top left- Quentin Furrow, middle right- Kella Hanna-Wayne