Online DJ Workshop

Kella's 50/50 Tango DJing Workshop is now available to purchase and complete online!

For years, Bailonga has specialized in DJing 50/50: Half of the music we play is traditional tango and half is alternative. We believe that playing a mixture of both genres simultaneously brings the energy of new music and a larger range of emotional expression to your dancers while still grounding their technique in the magical history of Tango.

But many people find it challenging to start DJing 50/50 for a few reasons: 

  • They are passionate about one genre and struggle to connect to the other
  • They feel intimidated by traditional and don’t know where to start
  • They don’t know how to find highly danceable alternative songs
  • They struggle to create continuity between tandas of the two genres when they are put in the same set. 
This workshop addresses all of these common problems and will improve your ability to DJ traditional, alternative, 50/50 and even other genres of social dance! 

About the Workshop

In this workshop, Kella will explore the basics of how to DJ traditional and alternative Tango music, the structure of a tango set, and how to build a tanda. This workshop will also cover: 

  • Creating smooth transitions between traditional and alternative tandas
  • Identifying the primary movement of a song and using this information to find danceable alternative music
  • The overall shape of a tango set and the functionality of each tanda used to build it
  • The things that make a good DJ and why so many find Tango DJing just as addictive as the dance itself. 

Choose Your Workshop Package

  • A video of the 2-hour presentation originally given live on Zoom 
  • An at-home tanda building exercise 
  • Lists of top-rated tangos, valses, & milongas
  • An assortment of other Tango DJing resources
  • Everything in the Basic Package +
  • Personalized feedback for the tanda you’ll build at home
  • Answers to up to two follow up questions about your tanda
  • Opportunity to ask one additional question about the workshop overall

After purchasing this workshop, you’ll be redirected to a dropbox, which will include all the materials listed above to get started with 50/50 tango DJing.

WARNING: This package does not stand alone and is only meant to be purchased IN ADDITION to the Basic Package.

If you buy the Basic Package and later decide that you also wish to purchase the opportunity for personalized feedback on your tanda, you can purchase the Feedback portion separately, at any time. 

About the Workshop Instructor

Kella Hanna-Wayne has been DJing milongas, social dances, and festivals since 2011. She got her start DJing alternative tango for Bailonga, became their primary DJ in 2013, and has since DJed at special events in the style of traditional tango, blues-fusion, tango/blues-fusion, and what has become her specialty: 50/50 alternative & traditional tango. She is known for her compelling sets that don’t let you sit down and she aims to create smooth connections between alternative and traditional music through her use of the 50/50 genre. She was a guest DJ at Valentango 2013, Alt Tango Fest 2013 & 2014, and has DJed at Bailonga, more than 200 times.