About Us

History of Bailonga

Bailonga started out in 2006 as a one time fundraiser that grew into one of many milongas hosted at the Eugene Tango Center. Organized by several tango community members, in its first years, it was devoted to exclusively alternative tango music and focused on providing opportunities for local musicians to perform music for tango dancers.

In the years since, as the community shifted and changed, Bailonga has evolved into the only tango event in Eugene to play half alternative, half traditional music and has become a host to internationally acclaimed tango musicians for live music on multiple occasions.

Where We Are Now

Bailonga is a volunteer-run organization that relies completely on the help of the community that attends it. Its focus on a casual approach to tango, drop in beginner classes, and modern music makes it a great place for people to start their tango journeys. Its wide range of music styles and playful atmosphere creates a wonderful opportunity for advanced dancers to try out new moves and have some fun.

The Vet’s Club

The beautiful Vet’s Club ballroom with its smoothly finished floor is the perfect venue to host dozens of dancers and music lovers for a full live band performance several times a year. The Ballroom is considered one of the best dance floors remaining in Eugene.

Our Misson

We seek to be the beginning of as many tango addictions as possible and to harbor a community of caring, safe, and creative people who are connected by the dance that they love. We hope you will join us on the dance floor and become just as hooked on tango as we are!


Photo Credit: Top- Dave Musgrove. Middle- Jean Heneghan.