Learn to Tango

Tango Classes at Bailonga

Every week, Bailonga holds both a beginner and an intermediate class that occur simultaneously in the same room. All classes are drop-in, no partner required, and the cost of the class is included in admission for the dance.

Intermediate classes adjust to the skill level present, so if you’re unsure whether you should take the beginner or intermediate lesson, talk with the instructor of the week.

Beginner Series Tango Class

The beginner series class is a rotating set of lesson topics assigned to each week of the month. Every week for four weeks, you’ll get a different aspect of the basics of tango. The beginner series class also adapts to skill level present, so if you’ve never taken week 1, it won’t be a problem to start with week 2.

The beginner series class schedule is as follows:

Week 1: From Zero- The very basics.
Week 2: Musicality
Week 3: Molinete
Week 4: Cross System
Week 5: Instructor’s choice! (when applicable)





Tango Demo

The following is a tango demo performance done by Cristina and Homer Ladas during Valentango 2017– the annual tango dancing festival in Portland, Oregon. Homer and Cristina are known for doing their demos to alternative tango music which, while unusual for the rest of the tango world, is right at home in the Bailonga community. Tango is entirely improvised, as is the following performance:

Photo Credits: Dave Musgrove